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[Brussels e-briefings] Will globalism be defeated by a return of protectionism?

02 August 2012 -


Event description

The European Union crisis has triggered a wave of attempts to set up new barriers and to renationalise developed economies. Recently, the Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Pascal Lamy, warned against a return of protectionism. Is this true? What is the European Union planning exactly? A post-webinar digest is available here.

Can a European economic recovery take place without putting a halt to market liberalisation and openings? What lies behind the call for more ‘reciprocity’ in trade and access to public contracts and procurements? Are we bound to witness a clash of trading blocs?

Live from Brussels on Thursday, 2nd August, at 13:00 GMT (15:00 CET), this webinar will be hosted by our Diplo EU fellow Richard Werly, on his return from Spain where he witnessed social protests against the austerity programme implemented by the Madrid government.

The following questions will be addressed:

  • Can the European Union get out of its economic crisis without setting up more protectionist measures?
  • Will this return of protectionism be limited to specific areas or countries?
  • Should we expect a trade backlash and a crisis within the WTO?
  • Does the global economy need, indeed, more ‘reciprocity’ in trade exchange?
  • The Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner recently mocked the Spanish Foreign Minister Luis de Guindos, saying he was not up to his task of getting back Spain on its feet. Are we witnessing a ‘revenge’ of developed countries that faced crises in the recent past?

  • China being the main concern for all developed economies, what can we expect from Beijing before the September EU/China summit in Brussels?


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