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[Webinar] Outcomes of NETmundial

25 April 2014 -


Event description

All eyes are set on the NETmundial meeting, which takes place this week in São Paolo, Brazil. The meeting is expected to agree on a set of common principles and values, and a roadmap for the future evolution of IG. Our next IG webinar, on Friday 25th April at 11:00 GMT/UTC, will reflect on the outcomes of NETmundial.

[Update] The success of NETmundial is subjective: in summary, it has been seen as a success for those who believe in the multistakeholder process, but a disappointment for those who lobbied for strong statements in favour of privacy and human rights and against mass surveillance.

Reviewing the outcome document hours after NETmundial came to an end, Diplo’s Jovan Kurbalija and Vladimir Radunovic noted the additions and subtractions to the document, and what they meant in terms of the stakeholder group advocating for their addition (or removal), the added value added of the insertions, and the implications of the watered-down paragraphs.

Among its successes were the strong support in favour of the annual IGF, and a stronger emphasis for developing countries in the WSIS process. The fact that the ‘necessary and proportionate’ principles, copyright protection and net neutrality were excluded is worth noting.

Whether the meeting is seen as a success or a disappointment, the negotiation process was definitely a ‘win’ for Internet governance policy-shaping. The process saw interventions from all stakeholder groups, including those participating remotely, leading to a final declaration adopted by what was considered a rough consensus.

Is NETmundial the start of a post-WSIS process? This remains to be seen, as the tsunami of documents produced during the NETmundial process is being analysed.

You can listen to the webinar recording here:

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and read about the outcomes in detail in the blog post Why NETmundial mattered and what was achieved. Dr Kurbalija and Mr Radunovic also reported live from Geneva on both days of the meeting: Day 1 and Day 2. Full coverage from NETmundial, including statements, opinions, and other documents, are available on the Geneva Internet Platform’s dedicated page.

Webinar announcement: The process leading up to the meeting started months ago and included a call for contributions. The draft outcome document, summarising the 188 contributions received from the global community, was made available for comment last week.

Around 800 stakeholders will convene in Brazil; many more will participate remotely. All participants will be able to contribute to the discussions, and to shaping the final document.

Diplo’s Vladimir Radunovic will discuss the outcomes of the NETmundial meeting:

  • Which principles does the final document incorporate, and what elements are included in the IG roadmap?
  • What has been the atmosphere at NETmundial, including the level of participation of various stakeholders?
  • What’s in store after NETmundial?

Join us on Friday 25th April at 11:00 GMT/UTC: register here. Attendance is free, registration is required. Webinar participants will be able to discuss the topics raised during the webinar with our host.

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