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Prepare for the New Multilingual Internet’s Greatest Opportunities and Biggest Challenges

WMO, 7bis, Avenue de la Paix, Geneva

Event description

NOTE: This event is postponed and will not be taking place on 11th April

Maximize Potential of Emerging Markets’ Current and Next Multi Billion Internet Users and Learn of the Seismic Change to Global Internet and its Ripples that will Impact you.

The Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group) and Geneva Internet Platform (GIP), a Swiss initiative operated by DiploFoundation (Diplo), invite you on April 11, 2014 to their Geneva High-Level Summit followed by workshops investigating how to prepare for The New Multilingual Internet’s greatest opportunities and biggest challenges, and how to Maximize Potential of Emerging Markets’ Current and Next Multi Billion Internet Users.

Attendees will also learn of The Seismic Change to Global Internet that has already started unfolding in 2014 and of its Ripples that will impact all.

Unpublished recent market research on Internet usability conducted by the MLi Group in key emerging markets will be highlighted and high level findings will be shared with the audience in Geneva and those watching our live or recorded streams.

Compelling Facts

Today, half of the world’s Internet users are in Asia. The next Multi-Billion Internet users will not come from the west but from Emerging Markets operating under the New Multilingual Internet Ecosystem. Please review our Geneva Agenda and Join us and our distinguished panelists (read below) to learn and prepare for these unprecedented global Internet changes. 

Critical Topics to Address and Questions to Answer!

Our Geneva Summit and workshops will illuminate what some of these great new opportunities are and answer questions like: What are the great new risks and challenges? How will critical topics like cyber security, Internet Governance, Trade Mark Protection, Child protection online, Legal Jurisdictions and Local Empowerment need to be looked at from today forward?  

The over arching question to address: Can traditional approaches on these critical topics be effective in the New Internet? What needs to change? How, and how soon?  

Seismic Changes to the Global Internet

2014 will see the biggest change to the global internet since its creation decades ago with revolutionary changes to the way consumers and citizens all over the world will use the Internet globally but especially locally. Two certainties are guaranteed: 

1- The change will impact all.

2- The speed of change will not be kind to those who sit back and idly or casually watch.  

Why Attend our Geneva Event

All stakeholders need to learn about the New Multilingual Internet Ecosystem and understand the ramifications of the seismic change to the global Internet and the biggest change to its DNS (Domain Name System) since its creation.

But this is not just about DNS change, they need to come to grips and learn about the ripple effects of these seismic changes and how and in what form they will impact them, let alone what these ripples will look like locally and globally.

Governments, Businesses, Brands, Entrepreneurs and users especially in Emerging Markets stand to be impacted. They need to proactively re-assess / revise their Current Strategies & Core Operations Vis a vis these ripples caused by the seismic Internet changes.  

The Greatest Opportunities Ever in, and for, Emerging Markets

Key Emerging Markets present great new and unprecedented opportunities. They have witnessed enormous growth of their online populations in their hundreds of millions in recent months and years.  These Internet users are ripe for new products and services and are seriously underserved at many levels. Decision makers with operations that already have, or seek, new or expanded role or business in Emerging Markets can benefit greatly from attending our Geneva Summit and workshops. 

How to Attend

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