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[Webinar] Illegal online content and liability of Internet intermediaries: Why not shoot the messenger?

24 April 2012 -


Event description

SOPA, ACTA, PIPA and most recent developments in Internet governance come down to the role of intermediaries who facilitate our Internet interaction. The main intermediaries are Internet service providers.

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Governments try to use intermediaries in order to impose their presence, sometimes justifiable (law) sometimes questionable (content control). Governments prefer to 'delegate' implementation of the law to intermediaries whether it is health protection (hospitals), traffic safety (insurance companies)… There is nothing new in this. Governments have been using intermediaries for centuries. The Internet poses some challenges because of strong transboundary Internet communication and the way in which the Internet is both designed and run as a business.

Join us on Tuesday, 24th April, at 13:00 GMT, to discuss the role and liability of Internet intermediaries. The webinar will be hosted by Vladimir Radunovic. In discussion: 

  • Current trends in regulating the online content (DNS filtering, censorship by intermediaries, user data disclosure by intermediaries, etc)
  • Intermediaries who are supposed to bear responsibility (Internet service providers, content providers)
  • Why they matter today with regard to the global economy and basic Internet principles (Silicon Valley vs Hollywood)
  • The alternative way to content policy and its challenges (new business models, liability of users, international cooperation).

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Join us next Tuesday! Attendance is free, but registration is required. Registrations are now closed.