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Garland McCoy (not verified) March 22, 2012

Vlada has raised some great points...what is needed is a multi-stakeholder approach to this issues...see BiTag as a model...what you want to have at the core are the very same kids who currnetly are working for NSA and other govenment and private companies at Universities that have "contracts" on cyber attack is a "kids" game ...our Kids vs China's kids...etc. anyway charge them with setting up the screening software and surround them with consumer groups and industry folks to ensure transparency ...the Universities...Professors and students will provide an environment where the work can get done ...and be trusted by all parties...just an idea...

Vladimir Radunovic March 29, 2012

Garland, thank you for the inputs. You are right that this shows the need for a multistakeholder approach. Regarding BiTag, you might share some more info and a link...

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