Brussels meets Geneva in the AI era

26 September 2023

Brussels, Belgium

Event description

How can human-centred AI and digital policy be fostered in the international ecosystems of Brussels and Geneva?

The discussion will center on how Brussels and Geneva interact to shape our digital and AI futures. Many critical digital negotiations and policy processes occur in the two cities. Data, AI, e-commerce, and cybersecurity norms and regulations established in Brussels have a global impact.

With its diverse ecosystem of international organisations, permanent missions, and non-governmental organisations, Geneva is a major hub for debating, evaluating, and implementing digital policies.   The Swiss city, with experts in global health, labor, trade, and human rights, is a natural complement to Brussels’ dynamic regulatory and norm-setting space. 

In particular, a panel will dive deeper into the heart of technology’s impact on humanity and explore the intricate tapestry of weaving human rights into AI and digital policymaking.

Join us for this timely discussion on the Brussels-Geneva interplay in AI and digital governance with leading experts from two cities and beyond. A standing lunch will allow enough space for informal contacts.

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Tentative Programme (version 7 September 2023)

Introductory remarks

Ms Nathalie Fontanet, State Councillor in charge of the Department of Finance, Human Resources and External Affairs, Republic and Canton of Geneva

Ambassador Rita Adam, Head of the Swiss Mission to the EU

Speakers for the roundtable

Ms Marina Kaljurand, Member of European Parliament and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia

Mr Paul Nemitz, Principal Adviser on the Digital Transition in DG Justice and Consumers, EU Commission

Mr Scott Campbell, Chief of Digital Technology and Human Rights Initiative, OHCHR

Mr Philippe Stoll, Senior Techplomacy Delegate, ICRC

Ms Fanny Hidvégi, Access Now’s Europe Policy and Advocacy Director, Brussels

Mr Sébastien Brack, Senior Advisor, EIP and Kofi Annan Foundation


Dr Jovan Kurbalija, Director, DiploFoundation

You can register by sending an email to the Swiss Permanent Mission to EU: