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Engaging digital actors
Fostering digital governance
Monitoring digital policies

The Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) is an initiative of the Swiss authorities operated by DiploFoundation. It has the following objectives:

  • to strengthen the participation of small and developing countries in Geneva-based digital policy processes.
  • to provide a neutral and inclusive space for digital policy debates, accepted by the majority of global actors as a place where different views can be voiced.
  • to support activities of the Geneva-based IG and information and communication technology (ICT) institutions and initiatives, in particular the IGF.
  • to facilitate research for an evidence-based, multidisciplinary digital policy approach beyond existing policy silos (e.g. technology, security, human rights).
  • to provide tools and methods for in situ and online engagement that could be used by other policy spaces in International Geneva (e.g. health, migration, trade).


The GIP’s activities will be implemented based on three pillars:


Members of the Steering Committee include the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs, Federal Office of Communications for the Swiss authorities, and DCAF, ETH-Zürich, and University of Geneva.

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