Hybrid conference: The future of (multilateral) diplomacy

22 October 2020

Online and in situ

[Update] The summary and recordings of this conference, together with Diplo’s research study, are now available.

On Thursday, 22nd October (12:00 to 14:30 UTC | 14:00 to 16:30 CEST ), we will present our research study on the future of (multilateral) diplomacy at a hybrid conference which will include both online and in situ participants. You are invited to join us online or create an in situ meeting hub at your organisation, ministry, university, or place of gathering. If you plan to host a local hub, please let us know at diplo@diplomacy.edu and we can provide further information, support, and include you in the conference programme.

The conference will discuss the major findings of the research study The future of (multilateral) diplomacy conducted with the support of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The discussion will include insights from the ministry and other partners who participate in and support DiploFoundation’s ConfTech initiative.

Following a high-level plenary session, the event will bring together more than 20 experts (online and in situ) for discussions on the following four tracks: The future UN and multilateralism; Practice, protocol, procedure; Small and developing countries; and Digital diplomacy and diplomacy by video conference.

The registrations are now closed, but the streaming of sessions will be available on the dedicated event page

About the report

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, but it is also the year when the world is responding to the emergence of the novel Coronavirus, an unprecedented global challenge that leaves no area of society and no individual untouched.

The various entities within the UN system are faced with the herculean task of responding to COVID-19. What lessons can we draw from this and what does it mean for the future of the organisation? More broadly, what is the future of multilateralism in a world which exhibits some strong unilateral tendencies? COVID-19 has also impacted the work of diplomats. Most importantly, the need for social distancing has led to changes in how diplomacy is practised. How has diplomacy, a profession that strongly builds on interpersonal and face-to-face contacts, dealt with this fundamental shift?

The overall aim of this research study is to understand the current shifts, highlight associated challenges, and point to possible adaptations in the mid- and long-term practice of (multilateral) diplomacy.

About ConfTech Help Desk

ConfTech is applying Diplo’s 20+ years of experience in e-learning, e-diplomacy, and e-participation to help countries and organisations transition from onsite to online. The ConfTech’s Help Desk provides immediate advice to help countries and organisations identify solutions to their needs, and make quick decisions on how to organise their meetings. You can find more information here

ConfTech (including the Help Desk) is supported by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Swiss government, and through the operational support provided to Diplo by the Ford Foundation.