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Diplo workshops on Day 3 of #IGF2013

24 October 2013 -

Bali, Indonesia

Event description

Join Diplo’s workshops on Day 3 of #IGF2013. In store are three sessions, and one great get-together!

Simulation exercise: Negotiating the Rio Declaration on Internet Governance

8:00 – 9.30 am, Main Hall | Remote participation link here

The highlight of the Orientation Session during Day 3 is a simulation exercise built around Diplo’s methodology for training in negotiations.

Play the roles of members of the drafting group (USA, Brazil, China, European Union, G77, Business Sector, Civil Society, and ICANN), and negotiaate the draft text!

E-participation in IG processes, Workshop No. 68

14:30 – 16:00 pm, Conference Room 7 (Kintamani 1) | Remote participation link here

This is the only discussion about remote participation at IG events and e-participation between the IG events. The workshop includes:

  • Experiences of the IGF, ITU, UNESCO
  • Theory and practice: participation for persons with disabilities and civil society in general
  • Jointly drafting a new version of draft of e-participation principles

The Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy – A Flash Open Forum Session by DiploFoundation

17:15 – 18:00 pm, Conference Room 3 (Nusa Dua Hall 3) | Remote participation link here

  • What is the most frequently used word at the IGF?
  • Who is most ‘talkative’ stakeholder?
  • And how often do developing countries actually make their voices heard?

Join us to find out the latest statistics and analysis!

Diplo gathering for alumni and friends!

18:00 pm, Room 3 (Nusa Dua Hall 3)

Join Diplo at the end of the Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy flash session in Room 3 for a get-together. A group photo of the growing Diplo family will be taken at the end! Please spread the word…


Diplo’s full programme of #IGF2013 workshops and events is available at