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Diplo at MyData 2017

30 August 2017 - 01 September 2017

Tallinn and Helsinki

Event description

Dr Katharina Höne and Ms Barbara Rosen Jacobson will participante in the MyData 2017 Conference from 30 August to 1 September. As part of the Our Data Futurestrack, they will deliver a presentation on ‘Big data for diplomacy: Mapping opportunities, limitations and challenges’, based on Diplo’s Data Diplomacy research project.

The MyData conference gathers an international crowd from business, academia, civil society, and governments to take a human-centred approach to personal data and discuss its global management.

It is organised around 12 thematic tracks: 
1. MyData nuts and bolts: introduction to human-centric personal data
2. GDPR  the new black: from business burden to commercial opportunity
3. Case studies: from actual to future services promises and value of the MyData model
4. Ethical processing of MyData: practical tools and solutions for transparency, accountability and fairness in processing of MyData
5. Insights to consumer behavior: interests and opportunities for consumers
6. Global landscape: mapping existing initiatives in human-controlled personal data
7. Making consent work: how to operationalise meaningful consent
8. Roadmap for personal data markets: envisioning the evolution for the sustainable economy for personal data
9. Technical building blocks: exploring technological aspects of data, protocols and architectures
10. Design + personal data?: exploring the intersection of design and personal data
11. Our data: collective data use and the social value of data
12. Health: personal data for predictive healthcare
MyData 2017 is a ‘twin-city event’, with one workshop day in Tallinn, Estonia (30 August) and two conference days in Helsinki, Finland (31 August and 1 September).