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Diplo & the GIP at the 12th Internet Governance Forum

18 December 2017 - 21 December 2017

Geneva, Switzerland

Event description

DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform will be actively engaged at the 12th Internet Governance Forum, in Geneva and online. Join us for workshops and sessions, and stay tuned for just-in-time session reports and IGF Daily summaries. Visit also the Art @ IGF exhibition, and drop by at our booth!

Just-in-time reporting

The GIP Digital Watch observatory will provide just-in-time session reports from the IGF, and IGF Daily newsletters, which will be available on a dedicated webpage, at A final report, published after the IGF meeting, will summarise the main themes. These will complement the dynamic updates offered through the observatory.

Art @ IGF: How can digital arts shape our digital future?

This project will connect digital policy with art in an interactive and interdisciplinary exhibition of digital issues. The exhibition will use a subway map as a journey metaphor to explore different Internet governance issues (infrastructure, security, human rights, etc.), each depicted as a subway line in a different colour on the exhibition floor. As participants follow the different lines, they arrive at subway stations where digital artists display their perceptions of the core digital policy issues of the day.

IGF participants are invited to the opening of ART@IGF, on Monday, 18th December, at 14.00 pm, at the Palais des Nations, on the first floor of building E. Guided tours will be organised every day during lunchtime, to help participants navigate the exhibition. Interested in how artists see issues such as access or telecommunications infrastructure? Visit the exhibition and join the art ride!

meet-and-greetMeet & greet with Dr Jovan Kurbalija, author of An Introduction to Internet Governance

Meet the author of An Introduction to Internet Governance, Dr Jovan Kurbalija, on Tuesday, 19th December at 13:30 CET, at the Diplo Booth, IGF Village, Palais des Nations in Geneva during the IGF.

Dr Kurbalija’s book is a leading textbook on Internet governance and digital policy. Now in its 7th edition, the book has been translated into 10 languages and has been adapted as a textbook for academic courses worldwide. Mingle with other digital policy practitioners, and get your signed copy!

Workshops & thematic tracks

The GIP is co-organising the following workshops at the IGF:

Data governance and policy: Developing a curriculum (WS186) – Monday, 18th December, 09:00–10:30, Room XI – A

Data is at the core of modern society, from our digital footprint via e-mail and social media, through to big data analytics. Although data governance and policy require new skills and techniques, the demand for data policy experts is not being met by supply. This workshop will discuss a curriculum that should be used for capacity development, training, and academic activities to improve policy-making.

A Digital Geneva Convention to protect cyberspace (WS34) – Tuesday, 19th December, 10:40–12:10, Room XXI – E

As effective cybersecurity is critical to international peace and economic stability, the creation of a Digital Geneva Convention could play a central role in safeguarding citizens, infrastructure, and private companies around the world from state-led or state-sanctioned cyberattacks in times of peace. This workshop will bring together cybersecurity and technology policy experts from different stakeholder groups to raise awareness of the crucial issues of cybersecurity norms, the gap in international efforts, and reality, and to discuss a potential way forward.

The GIP is also coordinating a data track at the IGF, consisting of seven data-related open forums, organised by international organisations:

  • Managing cloud computing in the United Nations system (OF29) (UN Joint Inspection Unit)
  • Data Protection and Humanitarian Action (OF31) (International Committee of the Red Cross)
  • Big data, business and respect for human rights (OF49) (European Broadcasting Union, with the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland)
  • Data and Trade: Identifying win-win solutions for future digital commerce (OF73) (International Trade Centre)
  • Data for the humanitarian field (OF75) (International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)
  • Data & the SDGs: From opportunities to impact (OF89) (UN Office in Geneva – SDG Lab)
  • Data in Environmental and Climate Activities (OF93) (World Meteorological Organization)

In addition, the GIP and Diplo team will be involved in a number of other sessions, as speakers, in situ and online moderators, and rapporteurs.

Alumni gathering

Diplo alumni and friends are invited to join us for a get-together at 13:30 CET on Monday, 18th December, at the cafeteria (first floor of building E) for mingling, updates on Diplo’s work and opportunities, and a group photo. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

After the gathering, join us for the opening of the Art@IGF exhibition and an optional guided tour.

Visit us at our booth

Diplo and the GIP will have a dedicated booth at the IGF Village (booth no 16). Visit us throughout the week, to get your copies of the IGF Daily newsletters, and other Internet-governance-related publications (including the latest issue of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter, the An Introduction to Internet Governance book, and the IG Acronyms booklet).


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