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Diplo at Cyber-Diplomacy: International affairs in the digital age

20 May 2019 -

London, United Kingdom

Event description

The Centre For International Studies and Diplomacy and the SOAS University of London are organising a seminar ‘Cyber-Diplomacy: International affairs in the digital age’ on 23 May in London.

21st century life is fundamentally shaped by digital technology. Comprehending the discourse of ‘cyber’, ‘digital’, and ‘technology’ seems as taxing as it does problematic. Moreover, digital space is one where data and identity mix, overlap, and intertwine with potentially grand or pernicious consequences. Governance of these challenges extends beyond the sovereignty of nation states and therefore, at its most basic engages with the three central corps of diplomatic practice: representation, communication, and representation.

Two guiding questions that the event will address are:

1. What is cyberdiplomacy, how is it constituted, and in what ways does it work?  

 2. What is the future of cyberdiplomacy?


Dr Katharina Höne (Senior lecturer, researcher, and project manager, DiploFoundation) will be speaking on ‘Big data and diplomacy: the way ahead between continuity and disruption’.

For more information about the event, visit the dedicated page.