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‘2018: A Tipping Point for the Internet’ – public discussion by Jovan Kurbalija

11 July 2018 -

Jakarta, Indonesia

Event description

Prof. Jovan Kurbalija (Director of DiploFoundation and Head of Geneva Internet Platform) will be holding a public discussion 2018: A Tipping Point for the Internet in Jakarta on Internet governance, digital policy and the future of the Internet.


’The year 2018 represents a tipping point for the Internet and its governance. Processes that have been evolving are now starting to mature. Policy decisions are needed. If Internet governance is consumed by inertia or controlled by the invisible hand of the market, the Internet is likely to fragment into numerous national and commercial Internet(s).

There are 10 areas of development that we will need to watch closely in 2018: the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the role of data at the center of digital politics, the digital politics of cybersecurity, digital trade, and the Internet economy, courts as makers of digital rules, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, content policy between countering extremism and fake news, net neutrality and the global impact of US regulations, encryption, and developments related to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).’

The above is a summary of what Prof. Jovan Kurbalija predicted at the beginning of 2018. The prediction follows a series of observations over the last 20 years in the Internet Governance fora.


Time and place:

National Library

11 July, 2018, 09.00 – 11.30

09.00 – 09.15 : Registration

09.15 – 09.30 : Opening Speech

Michael Cottier
Charge d’affaires a.i
Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia

09.30 – 10.30 : Prof. Kurbalija’s general lecture

10.30 – 11.20 : Questions and Answers

11.20 – 11.35 : Closing


In collaborations with:

DiploFoundation, Geneva Internet Platform, Swiss Embassy, Indonesia Internet Governance Forum, Bina Nusantara University, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Center for Innovation and Policy Governance, Masyarakat Telematika and Hivos.