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DiploNews – Issue 73 – 24 May 2005

DiploNews – Issue 73 – May 24, 2005

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European Diplomatic Training Initiative (EDTI) – Foundation Course (Brussels, 13-17 June 2005)

The European Diplomatic Training Initiative (EDTI) will launch its first Foundation Course, designed for officials with up to six years of experience in an EU institution or Ministry, who are preparing for a post abroad or are already serving at their posts. The course covers a range of current EU policy issues, concentrating principally on politically related dealings. For more information about the EDTI please visit: https://www.edti.org/introduction.asp. For more information about the Foundation Course please visit: https://www.edti.org/foundation.asp.

DiploInterviews – Markus Kummer: Swiss Internet Diplomat

Markus Kummer is the executive coordinator of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG), which was set up by the UN Secretary General in order to propose mechanisms and approaches for the future governance of the Internet. The Working Group is dealing with various possibilities, from the establishment of a new international body to the development of specific multistakeholder mechanisms. Markus Kummer is responsible for steering this unique exercise, involving representatives of governments as well as of international and non-governmental organisations. Prior to this appointment, Markus Kummer was the Swiss “e-envoy,” whose prime duty was Internet diplomacy. In this brief interview, Markus Kummer reflects on the interplay between diplomacy and the Internet, and provides a realistic overview of the challenges that the Internet poses to the diplomatic profession.

Please visit Diplo’s Interview with Markus Kummer to hear the interview. You may also read Markus Kummer’s biography.

Diplomatic Power Meals

“People around the world conduct important meetings and make weighty decisions over dinners and lunches. Top international chefs create banquets for important meetings that would impress a mediaeval king, whilst politicians and dignitaries have been known to do deals over cappuccinos. But how important is it to break bread over a deal?”

The BBC World Service radio programme Outlook snacks on the topic of food and talk with guests François Ferreira, Kishan Rana, and Albert Reynolds.

The transcript of the broadcast. [PDF]

The recording of the broadcast. [MP3]

The audio stream of this discussion. [from 26:24-37:26] (RealPlayer required)

UNESCO between Two Phases of the WSIS

On behalf of Diplo, Veronica Cretu, Ljupco Gjorgjinski, and Andrei Mikheyev, all tutors for Diplo’s Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme, presented papers at the UNESCO Between Two Phases of the World Summit on the Information Society conference, 17-19 May 2005, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The conference aimed to clarify the next steps and key decisions of UNESCO regarding the building of the global Information Society. Participants planned to draft recommendations to determine UNESCO’s position on the further implementation of provisions of the main documents adopted at the World Summit on the Information Society.

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