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DiploNews – Issue 454 – 1 November 2022

Celebrating Diplo’s 20th anniversary!

🎉 Diplo upcoming Malta Summit: UN SG Tech Envoy to join in person

We’re proud to announce that the UN Secretary-General’s Tech Envoy Amandeep Singh Gill will address a special session on the Global Digital Compact during our Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance (18–19 November). The session will be an important open consultation on the Global Digital Compact.

Still wondering if you should register and attend (online or in person)? You can expect high-level participation and Diplo-style dynamic discussions which avoid the usual boring narratives, and dive directly into the core issues. Don’t miss your chance to join! Learn more and register!

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🎉 Diplo Week in Geneva (7–11 November)

If you are in Geneva between 7 and 11 November, make sure to pay us a visit! Throughout Diplo Week, we will hold a series of open-door events where you can learn all about new online teaching methods, the latest in AI applications and data analysis, and how to use them in online meetings.

Let’s go on a journey through Diplo’s ideas, tools, and services, where we will uncover how Diplo combines technology, art, and diplomacy.

Some highlights from the upcoming Diplo Week in Geneva include:

  • Launch of the Geneva Digital Atlas 2.0
  • Art exhibition: Diplomacy through the eyes of the artist
  • Discussions on digital inclusion, AI, humanitarian diplomacy, and cybersecurity
Launch of Geneva Digital Atlas

Learn more and register!

🎉 20th Diploversary Stories

Hear what Judith Okite and Marco Lotti have to say about Diplo in our ongoing series 20th Diploversary StoriesVisit our Diploversary page to find out more about Diplo’s history, upcoming anniversary events, and more!

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Upcoming study opportunities

Applications open! Winter 2023 online courses

Register now to reserve your place in our popular winter courses:

👉🏼 Application deadlines for certificates issued by Diplo: 16 January 2023

For further information and to apply, click the course titles above or visit Diplo’s course catalogue.

◆ Need financial assistance? Scholarships are available.

Thanks to support from the government of Malta, partial scholarships are available for applicants from developing countries to attend upcoming Diplo online courses. These scholarships cover 30%–60% of course fees and can be applied to most 2023 online courses. Browse our course catalogue and contact us at admissions@diplomacy.edu for further information.

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Blogs and publications

◆ Borrell delivered the best and worst diplomatic speech of 2022 in 3 days

Within three days, Josep Borrell delivered one of the best and one of the worst diplomatic speeches in 2022. Diplo’s Executive Director Jovan Kurbalija analysed both. Read the blog post!

◆ Rwandan diplomats and officials complete online training in digital diplomacy 

Fifty-two Rwandan diplomats and officials have successfully completed Diplo’s tailor-made online training Emerging Digital Diplomacy and Foreign Policy. The training discussed the impact of digitalisation on diplomacy and analysed the main trends in geopolitics, major negotiations, and the use of practical tools. Read the press release! 

◆ New e-book: G. R. Berridge’s Diplomacy and Secret Service

Is diplomatic immunity the sole reason for intelligence officers still clustering in embassies and consulates today? What do diplomats think about their secret tenants, and how do the spooks repay the ambassadors for their lodgings? Discover the connection between diplomacy and the secret service in G. R. Berridge’s new e-book, now available on Amazon. Get the e-book!

◆ New page: Metaverse

The Digital Watch Observatory now includes a page dedicated to the metaverse. What are its building blocks, opportunities, and challenges?  Find out the details. Visit the DW Metaverse page!

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