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DiploNews – Issue 292 – 15 January 2016

Geneva Engage

Engage with Geneva-based institutions and explore options of participating more effectively with local policy processes through online participation. If based in Switzerland, join us in person to discover how interactive events could strengthen the profile of International Geneva. The Geneva Engage conference will take place on 27 and 28 January. More information at https://genevaengage.diplomacy.edu/

Upcoming online courses

A few places remain on the February 2016 courses listed here. Register now. Partial bursaries are available for qualified applicants from developing countries. For more information on any of our courses, contact admissions@diplomacy.edu.

An Introduction to Internet Governance for Geneva-based diplomats

This session of Diplo's popular online Introduction to Internet Governance is offered especially for Geneva-based diplomats and other stakeholders. The course aims to assist permanent missions in Geneva to actively follow the increasingly relevant field of digital politics. Participants must be based in Geneva as, in addition to the online learning activities, the course includes a weekly briefing at the Geneva Internet Platform office.

Start date: 18 January
Application deadline: as soon as possible
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Cybersecurity for South-Eastern Europe 

This course, organised in cooperation with the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) and with the support of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA of Switzerland, aims to increase cybersecurity capacities of public institutions and the private and civil sectors in SEE. Applicants must be from and working in the SEE region. Participation is fully funded by the FDFA (there is no tuition fee for selected applicants).

Start date: 22 February
Application deadline: 25 January
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Diplomatic Theory and Practice

Diplomats are members of a profession that has developed over many centuries. But why do we still need them in a world transformed by electronic communications? This course examines the nature of diplomacy, when it is appropriate, the advantages and disadvantages of different diplomatic methods, and the lexicon of diplomacy.

Start date: 15 February
Application deadline: 25 January
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Public Diplomacy

With more public interest in foreign affairs than ever before, ordinary people are demanding open diplomacy. Governments are obliged to respond with public information about the spending of funds they receive and the results that they achieve. This course covers the goals and methods of public diplomacy, outlining with case studies what it can and cannot do.

Start date: 15 February
Application deadline: 25 January
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Introduction to Internet Governance

Have you been reading and worrying about the Snowden revelations? Does online surveillance concern you and your colleagues? Net neutrality? Privacy in online storage? Guidelines for cross-border Internet issues? These are important Internet governance issues. Learning more about Internet governance will help you understand these personal and professional issues, and what can and should be done about them.

Start date: 15 February
Application deadline: 25 January
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What's been happening in Diplo's blogosphere

In a new cooperation for capacity development in Africa, DiploFoundation and the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) recently signed a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) on training for capacity development. The MoU builds on the established cooperation between Diplo and the Learning Network for Capacity Development (LenCD) through which the two institutions have worked together over the last couple years to offer an online course on Capacity Development. As the first activity under the framework on the MoU, Diplo will run two sessions of the online Capacity Development course for ACBF staff in 2016. Following this, the two institutions plan to discuss further opportunities for cooperation in the field of capacity development.

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January Briefing on Internet governance

This month, we resume our monthly briefings on Internet governance developments. The GIP briefings provide a zoomed-out update of major global digital policies and Internet governance developments, and are held on the last Tuesday of every month. Join us for our first briefing of the year, on 26 January, where we will look back at the major developments in 2015, the January updates, and what to expect in the coming months. Learn more and register to reserve your seat.

Discussing Internet governance

On Diplo’s IG community platform, Hamza Ben Mehrez writes about the blocking of VoIP calls in Morocco and looks at the situation in the MENA region. Hafedh Al Yahmadi explores ways on how to strengthen policy advocacy in the MENA region and puts forward a proposal. Diplo’s Virginia (Ginger) Paque encourages community members to participate in two important projects: the Geneva Engage conference on e-participation, on 27-28 January, and the call for contributions issued by the IGF Secretariat to take stock of the IGF2015 meeting and looking ahead to the IGF meeting in 2016. Mamadou Lo shares his regular web reviews of IG updates in English and French. View the reviews on the community blog roll.

Deadline approaching: assistant curators for GIP Digital Watch observatory

There are a few days left to apply for an online course for future assistant curators of GIP Digital Watch observatory. If you are into Internet governance and closely follow the developments in your region, consider applying. Learn more.


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