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DiploNews – Issue 209 – 1 August 2012


Upcoming study opportunities

2013 Master / Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy

You are invited to apply for the popular Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy, offered through the University of Malta. This blended learning programme offers a valuable opportunity for diplomats and other international relations professionals to continue studies without leaving work.

New for 2013: Candidates may select Internet Governance as an area of specialisation within the Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy. Candidates for this area of specialisation will attend several required courses in the area of Internet governance (Introduction to Internet Governance, eDiplomacy, Cybersecurity, and Infrastructure and Critical Internet Resources) and select their remaining courses from the wide list of diplomacy topics. Candidates will write their dissertations on Internet governance-related topics.

The application deadline for the Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy is 30 September 2012. For more information and to apply please see the course webpage.


Autumn online courses

We are now accepting applications for our interactive autumn online courses: 

Courses start the week of 8 October 2012. Apply by 6 August for University of Malta Accredited Courses and by 3 September for Diplo Certificate Courses. For further information or to apply, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit our courses website. Register now to reserve your place.


Migration and Development online course

The Instituto Matías Romero of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and DiploFoundation offer an online course on Migration and Development in English and Spanish, starting 17 September 2012. The course provides participants with a conceptual framework and analytical tools to address the many aspects of the relationship between international migration and economic and social development. See the course webpage for more information and to apply.

By bringing together scholars, advocates, and policymakers, this cutting-edge joint undertaking by DiploFoundation and Instituto Matias Romero has provided an excellent venue to share ideas and cultivate action agendas to advance the mutual well-being of migrants, home countries, and host communities.

Ryan Gener – Department of Foreign Affairs, Republic of the Philippines


What’s happening in Diplo’s Blogosphere?

Aldo Matteucci and Katharina Höne map metaphors and analogies with Kat looking at creating maps and creating reality and Aldo responding in kind with his post analogies (and metaphors) as mental maps. This amusing and thought-provoking blogversation has been going on for a while now and makes for interesting reading. Aldo also looks at gambling in a time of crisis and wonders whether or not we have a soul. Liz Galvez and guest blogger Alexandra Oxborough tackle the Olympics. Liz looks at what the Olympics mean for London while Alexandra examines sports diplomacy. Over on the e-tools channel, Pete Cranston looks at the eight principles for middle and late adopters of social media while Mary Murphy ponders recent happenings in Hungary and the emergence of an online phenomenon she calls a virtual 'line-up'. Drazen Pehar asks us to imagine that as of today, all diplomatic negotiations have to be conducted online as he explores whether online negotiating is an evolutionary step forward.

These and other posts are available for comment on https://www.diplomacy.edu/blog. Why don’t you have your say?


Discussing Internet governance

Internet governance discussions continue on Diplo’s blogroll and community site. In Tattoos – and decisions you may later regret, Stephanie Borg Psaila talks about our decisions to post or not to post content we may later regret on social media networks. In Internet bundling and its effects on Internet penetration in developing countries, Mayengo Tom Kizito discusses the two sides of the coin of Internet bundles. In another blog post, he looks at an often-overlooked problem – online child labour – and discusses the negative consequences of this concealed activity on children. Other members of our community shared various news items on IG-related issues, including Skype bans and censorship. Join our community portal to discuss pressing IG issues with other members from all around the world.


Webinar: Will globalism be defeated by a return of protectionism?

The European Union crisis has triggered a wave of attempts to set up new barriers and to re-nationalise developed economies. Recently, the Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Pascal Lamy, warned against a return of protectionism. Is this true? What is the European Union planning exactly? Can a European economic recovery take place without putting a halt to market liberalisation and openings? What lies behind the call for more ‘reciprocity’ in trade and access to public contracts and procurements? Are we bound to witness a clash of trading blocs? Join us for another webinar hosted by Diplo EU fellow Richard Werly, on Thursday, 2nd August, at 13:00 GMT (15:00 CET). Registration required. More information is available here.

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