The challenge

The way the Internet is governed will shape future economic and social developments.

Internet governance and digital policy is a new topic on the global policy agenda and is addressed in a wide variety of global public and business forums. For many small and developing countries with limited resources and institutional capacity in this sector, it is a major challenge to follow and participate in these processes.

The solution

Diplo provides systemic capacity development support through online and blended courses, policy research, policy immersion and community support. In the IG and digital policy processes, Diplo acts on all levels, from local to global, and works together with many other stakeholders to ensure long-lasting capacity improvement in the sector.


  • Operating the GIP Digital Watch observatory, a comprehensive Internet governanace and digital policy observatory providing provides a neutral one-stop shop for live developments, overviews and explanatory texts, events, resources, and other content. The observatory is initiative of the Geneva Internet Platform (operated by DiploFoundation) in partnership with the Internet Society.
  • Coordinating the Geneva Internet Platform, an initiative of the Swiss authorities, serving permanent missions based in Geneva with tailored briefings on developments in Geneva digital politics, with a special focus on missions from small and developing countries.
  • A significant contribution to Internet governance over the past 10 years, as a capacity building, research, and academic organisation.
  • Development of institutional, national and regional capacities for addressing Internet governance issues and digital policies.
  • A generation of Internet governance leaders and pioneers who represent their countries and communities in Internet policy making, and initiate capacity development work in their own surroundings, multiplying the effect of the original programme.
  • Communities of practice addressing emerging Internet governance and digital policy issues in local communities, countries and regions worldwide.


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