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Master in Contemporary Diplomacy graduation 2011

18 November 2011 -


Event description

This year, nine candidates graduated Master in Contemporary Diplomacy from the University of Malta and DiploFoundation. The graduation ceremony took place at the Jesuit’s Church in Valletta, Malta. 

The graduates, and their research topics, were: Florence Bangile (An Examination of the Role of Women in Conflict Management: Sierra Leone a Case Study); Jonathan Las-Lamin (Modern Diplomacy – The Contributions of Civil Society in Peacebuilding: A Case Study of Sierra Leone); Caroline Nalwaga (The Changing Trends in Diplomatic Communication: A Case Study of Uganda); Fausto Vergara (The Role of Small States in the Multilateral Framework); Alban Dermaku (Kosovo Diplomacy: Past, Present and Future Challenges of Kosovo in Political and Diplomatic Context); Thato Lehloenya (Economic Partnership Agreement and Its Effect on Lesotho's Economy); Maria Medard (Public Diplomacy in Saint Lucia: The Development of a Public Diplomacy Strategy in order to Promote Saint Lucia); Hazem Shabat (Small States' Public Diplomacy  The Model of Qatar); Nabil Ali Saleh Shehada (The Islamic Republic of Iran, A new Form of Colonial Domination)  

We would like to thank the Diplo faculty members who supervised the work of these graduates.

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