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Online Course on Humanitarian Diplomacy at the General Assembly of the Red Cross Movement 2012

23 November 2011 -

Geneva, Switzerland

Event description

Ambassador Chris Lamb and Dr Jovan Kurbalija presented a new online course on humanitarian diplomacy at the Speakers corner.


In a 15-minute presentation, Ambassador Lamb spoke about the concept of humanitarian diplomacy, stressing the relevance of persuasion, advocacy, and negotiations. Dr Kurbalija explained Diplo’s learning methodology and the way in which courses are run. Milutin Milosevic from the European Scout Organisation reflected on his experience as participant in one of Diplo’s online courses.

A new course, as a part of IFRC’s 2020 strategy ‘change minds – save lives’ attracted a lot of interest from the participants at the General Assembly of the Red Cross Movement.

The deadline for the course registration is 7 December 2011. The course will commence on 6 February 2012.