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By on 17 May, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy

diplomacy – Diplomacy – DIPLOMACY: the three different ways of writing this word illustrate three different ways in which diplomacy is perceived today.

By on 20 Mar, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

If we want to understand the underlying concepts of the digital era, we have to revisit the opuses of five great thinkers from Vienna: Mises, Schumpeter, Hayek, Freud and Wittgenstein.

By on 20 Jan, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

As in every other area, forecasts help us imagine what the future will look like, and what to expect.

By on 20 Jan, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

Reflections on 2015 and predictions for 2016

Digital politics are quite predictable. We know this from experience: six years of making annual predictions of policy developments in the digital field. With the exception of the Snowden revelations in 2013, most other digital policy developments were easy to predict as part of longer policy trends.

By on 04 Nov, 2015 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy

On Monday, 2nd November, I addressed the conference ‘The CERN Model, United Nations and Global Public Goods’. The underlying theme of the conference was the interplay between science (CERN) and diplomacy (UN) in the globally unique setting of International Geneva.

By on 22 Oct, 2015 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

Radiocommunication Diplomacy - Historical Context


By on 12 Oct, 2015 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

The Zero Draft the ‘WSIS +10’ document was published on 9 October 2015. Apart from expected provisions (e.g. IGF extension, multistakeholder participation, protection of human rights),  the Zero Draft introduces some new elements, as well as emphasising formulations already used in the World Summit for Information Society (WSIS) process. These include the following:


By on 17 Apr, 2015 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

This week, the Global Cyberspace Conference takes place in The Hague. In March, UNESCO hosted a conference on CONNECTing the Dots in Digital Space. The NETmundial Initiative had a meeting in Stanford recently. In early May, the Freedom Online Conference will take place in Ulan Bator (for dates and a list of events see the 2015 timeline).

By on 04 Apr, 2015 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

Two doors inspired my interventions at a panel on the Digital Magna Carta organised by the New America NYC and the Swiss Consulate in New York: the fascinating bronze entrance door to the U.S. Supreme Court Building, and the cockpit door, which remained closed during the tragic Germanwings flight. How can these two doors help us to move closer to a digital social contract (often referred as the Digital Magna Carta)?


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