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Author: Jovan Kurbalija

History of Diplomacy and Technology: From Smoke Signals to Artificial Intelligence

The book 'History of Diplomacy and Technology' reminds us that every new technology throughout history has promised to change the way diplomacy is conducted. Some changes occurred, but the essence of diplomacy remained the same: the peaceful resolution of disputes through negotiation and mediation. This historical journey of diplomacy's continuity and technological changes since smoke signals is thought-provoking reading as we consider the future of diplomacy in the AI era.
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The historical journey of diplomacy and technology is centred around the geopolitical context in which diplomacy operates, the emergence of technological issues on the diplomatic agenda, and the use of tech tools in diplomatic activities.

‘History of Diplomacy and Technology’ encourages reflection on the timeless principles of diplomacy. It also calls for anchoring current tech developments in a broader historical context of societal evolution.

And there is more. This book doesn’t stop in the past; it peers into the future. It offers reflections on AI’s role in shaping diplomacy’s landscape. It is an essential read for anyone interested in the nexus of technology, diplomacy, and the unknown frontiers that lie ahead.