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Karen (not verified) December 06, 2012

So both the Ulan Bator blog and the Corridor are on the State Department's internal intranet? I presume that they must be. An excellent idea to make information available and stop the relentless stream of emails. However what are the options of access via mobile devices away from the office?

Mary December 06, 2012

Hi Karen... I asked Richard about this and this is his reply: You are right. "Mongolia in Focus" is one of our 75+ multi-author blogs, which is built on WordPress and is available to all State Department employees via our internal Intranet as well as to other USG agencies via an extranet. Corridor, our professional networking platform (think LinkedIn, but looks like facebook), is an easy place to share information, form groups, and find expertise. We build Corridor on BuddyPress, an extension of WordPress. Corridor is only available to employees with email accounts on State Department's Intranet. Easy mobile access is a key goal and something the State Department is working on now.

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