Ginger Paque   29 Mar 2010   E-Diplomacy

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I seem to digress ... asking again, what is e-participation? What are the different areas of e-participation, and what are tools for e-participation? How can we define and categorise the concepts? Please post your comments so we can refine and define. This is a train-of-thought interactive brainstorming exercise: please join in!

Does anyone have a link to a chart or categorisation strategy?

Forms of e-participation

  • e-government
  • e-democracy
  • e-parliament (part of e-government)
  • e-justice (part of e-government? )
  • e-citizenship?
  • e-diplomacy (e-policy)

Tools for e-participation

  • e-learning
  • remote e-participation
  • e-voting (part of e-democracy)


  • e-transparency




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    Vladimir Radunovic, 05/12/2021 - 11:13

    "Wonderful opportunity to democratize, to learn, to graduate..!" -- April 2, 2010 by Zemaida -- I remember some comments we used to make during the Course in Diplomatic Academy of Malta(2003): ..The discussion in Diplomacy is intended to give participants a flavour of what's going on, where, the main actors, their interplay, and their relative importance...".
    Well, I guess, these comments could fit quite well to discussions we are making today-s on e-Diplomacy.
    Sure, we can add a lot of facilities and opportunities this new tool can offer to everybody interested to use them for learning, exchanging, making propaganda, networking, democratizing, europeanizing.
    I really appreciate this new tool and I would work hard to deliver(provide) this opportunity to friends, colleagues, students, citizens, individuals, interested.

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    Vladimir Radunovic, 05/12/2021 - 11:13

    "The chart" -- April 7, 2010 by Uvais --
    Ginger, I've been having the same thoughts about e-consulate issues. The problem is that we cannot clearly categorise these issues without incorporating all the 'e' terminology that we have come across :)
    As Seiitti noted earlier (at the end of this page we may have to explore these concepts with a traditional diplomacy outline in mind. I've posted a (rather sketchy) chart on the e-consulate blog - The What's-Not-E-Diplomacy Chart [] :). The chart is an attempt to encapsulate the various facets we've all discussed to date, so that we can explore the interrelated issues of the topic.

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    Vladimir Radunovic, 05/12/2021 - 11:13

    "The Chart II" -- April 8, 2010 by Ginger --
    Uvais, the chart is very helpful, as it maps very clearly the possibilities for e-participation. Thanks.
    You may remember that e-participation in the form of remote participation in international policy processes is very important to me. You list e-policy under "government", which is appropriate. However, for example, where can I find remote participation in an international policy process such as the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)?
    I think it would be helpful to read other comments on this illustration of e-processes. What do readers think?

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