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Vladimir Radunovic February 15, 2012

"Facebook diplomacy" -- May 13, 2010 by Uvais -- Marcia, thanks for these interesting questions. I came upon a new facebook group called the Facebook Ambassadors’ today which sheds some light on how these emerging diplomacies in the new social media are viewed. The group’s Notes page ( defines Facebook Diplomacy as “a new online version of public diplomacy developed to unify people all over the world, while demonstrating the proper and exploitative use of Facebook to maximize social networking and promoting public social causes that help others.” Interestingly, the article also catergorises Facebook Diplomacy as one of the ways that ‘social networking diplomacy’ takes place – other diplomacies mentioned are Twitter Diplomacy, Google Diplomacy and Digital Diplomacy.

Vladimir Radunovic February 15, 2012

"Facebook and citizen diplomacy" -- May 20, 2010 by Marília Maciel -- Thanks Uvais for this reference. I wish to study it more deeply, so any other resources would be welcome. Their training material offers some good suggestions already. What I found particularly interesting is that ordinary people volunteer to work as ambassadors. I believe this can positively affect the way that they see the diplomatic activity and it can certainly raise awareness about citizen diplomacy and possibility to influence the political agenda using the power of social media.

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