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Andrew Spong (not verified) May 14, 2012

Hi Mary How kind of you to make reference to a passing observation I made at the bottom of the piece of content I curated that you cite above. I think the simple answer to your question ('how?) is perhaps best answered by stating honestly that a single communication cannot be imbued with honest emotion and human sentiment. Anything crafted to do so in isolation looks like what it is: spin. An attempt to convince and convert. In other words: these aren't traits that we purposefully set out to emanate. Rather, they are values that, hopefully, our readership will perceive in the act of interpreting what we say... ...*every* time we say it. Every day we show up on line. Every time we contribute something of value to a community for purpose of making something better rather than selling something bigger. This line of reasoning inheres within a wider set of evolutionary social business principles (which I refer to as postmarketing for short) built around success through the manifestation of the sort of ideals we believe our activities should connote in order to succeed. Showing, not telling, in other words. Doing the sort of things that people want to talk about, rather than talking to people about ourselves. Caring. Being human. Being honest. Not saying how 'passionate' you are in your Twitter bio, but rather conveying your commitments through your actions. There's no short cut to 'how?' If you get it wrong, people will tell you. If you get it right, people will tell you that, too.

Steven Nelson May 21, 2012

"Is social media sabotaging real communication?" Well, if we define communication as the transfer of information, then I say no! Social media can do that just as well as any other form of communication. But perhaps what you really mean by this post is, is social media not really genuine human contact? Well this may be true! That's certainly something we all crave and which is missing in social media channels. But maybe we'll just have to get used to that :0

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