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Send a postcard from cyberspace during #GCCS2015 week

15 April 2015

Diplo's illustrated cybersecurity postcards from cyberspace aim at raising awareness about main challenges and issues related to cybersecurity, while allowing us to send our own message to others.

This week, the Global Conference on Cyberspace is taking place at The Hague. Cybersecurity will feature prominently on the agenda. This important event will present a good opportunity to make our cybersecurity concerns heard.

We therefore invite you to pick your favorite postcard, add your personal message – and share via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using hashtag #gccs2015 or tagging @gccs2015. The postcards can also be printed out and shared with friends and colleagues. We are also sharing our messages on social media.

You can find all the postcards available for sharing here.


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