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Over 220 participants taking part in advanced IG courses

Published on 22 June 2011
Updated on 05 April 2024


Diplo’s classrooms have once again welcomed participants from every corner of the globe to discuss Internet governance issues.

Over 220 participants taking part in advanced IG coursesOver 220 participants are taking part in IG and ICT policy courses that discuss topical issues in detail. Four of the courses – Cyber-Security, Online Privacy and Data Protection, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and Infrastructure and Critical Internet Resources (CIRs) – are Advanced Phase courses, and are a follow-up to the Foundation Phase courses, which took place between March and May. The Foundation and Advanced phases form part of the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IGCBP), which is in its sixth year.

A fifth course – ICT Policy and Strategic Planning – is being delivered for the first time. It aims to provide participants with a practical toolkit for advancing their regional and national ICT programmes.

The call for applications for all five courses ran throughout May, and attracted an overwhelming number of applications.

The current participants form a total of 11 classrooms. Group discussions take place on Diplo’s e-learning platform, which includes the use of a hypertext discussion system, blog message board, forum discussions, real-time discussion sessions, and other important features. Read more about the course structure and the Web 2.0 e-learning platform.

More info about the topic areas for each course, and about the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme is available here.

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