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Kimbowa Richard (not verified) June 12, 2013

Thanks for this blog post. As NGO Networks in the South, we are also 'in the race' to open up for many reasons. We are keen to receive feedback in real time in the most efficient and effective way. The other reason is the need to engage members and citizens that is almost impossible with the traditional communications (including email!) For the record, I am always satisfied with UNDP's Helen Clark - that she is always ready to report back / highlight issues on her many missions and also responds to questions put forward. I believe this is inspirational to many development agencies and NGOs alike to learn from UNDP and to gradually make use of this new set of tools But of course there are limitations; power reliability, connectivity can be poor, skill in use of different social media, 'attitude' as ably described above, and lack of infrastructure. The are also lingering questions rules and guidelines in use of social media, an area that needs to evolve further along with attitude change.

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