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IGF Report: Helping you navigate through the IGF

Published on 05 November 2015
Updated on 05 April 2024

The annual Internet Governance Forum is a much anticipated event by stakeholders involved in digital policy. It is also a vibrant week packed with meetings, discussions, and developments.

This year, DiploFoundation and the Internet Society have teamed up to provide just-in-time reporting from the 10th IGF in João Pessoa, Brazil (10-13 November), to help you stay up-to-date with what is happening at the IGF.

IGF Report: Helping you navigate through the IGFWill you be following the IGF? Send us your favourite quote of the day, including the name of the speaker and the workshop. Every day, the chosen quotes will be included in the IGF daily summaries.

The IGF updates will be provided by DiploFoundation in co-operation with the Internet Society (ISOC) and its ambassadors at the IGF, and will complement the dynamic updates offered through GIP Digital Watch. The format, layout, and timing of the outputs are adjusted to the typical time-dynamics of the IGF participants. A full report will be published on Monday morning, 16th November.

The aims of the IGF Report are to:

  • address the challenge faced by participants and the wider community in general, both at the IGF and online, to absorb the vast amount of information and data provided in numerous and parallel workshops (close to 200 events held at this IGF alone) and other activities. The IGF, like other international gatherings, could lead towards the situation in which ‘more could be less’.
  • address this problem by providing timely and neutral reporting presented in a layered format as ‘IGF daily summaries’, including trend analysis and in-depth information on workshops and activities.
  • ensure that participants get an overall view in order to navigate through the IGF’s complex dynamics; each participant can explore any specific issue and aspect in depth.

Stay tuned to GIP Digital Watch for updates, and join Diplo and the GIP at the IGF.

PS. Have you read Issue 5 of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter?

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