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Hamisi R. Kisinzah (not verified) January 17, 2014

I strongly agree with Dr. Jovan Kurbalija on this subject but more interesting is " ....Instead of proclaiming the 'end of hierarchy', we need to make hierarchies more transparent, more responsible, and more effective.." and "Elevators in these hierarchies should stop at as many levels of society as possible, moving people both up and down according to their merits" Why ? ...cause this is a big challenge in almost many organizations, societies to obverse " moving people both up and down according to their merits" especially in the developing countries.

Jovan Kurbalija January 17, 2014

Hamisi, it is not only the case in developing countries. Institutions can help in making 'elevator movements' more merit-based. We often forget that a solid institutions (rule of law, predictability, etc.) are one of the reasons why Silicon Valley is so prosperous. The first step is to recognise reality and stop academic confusion on 'networking society' and 'end of hierarchy'. Next step is to make hierarchies serve better interests of society.

francisco gomes... (not verified) January 20, 2014

To Dr. Jovan Kurbalija`s cogent tripartite characterization of hierarchy , I would suggest the addtion of dignifying. We live in the era of fast-paced,highly economical(succint)communication and this further challenges communicators (at diferent organizational levels)to express themselves dignifyingly. To know more about my view,please access look for Mídia,then for ABA posters and click on English.On the list of posters, it will be easy to access Communicative Dignity Francisco Gomes de Matos, a Peace linguist from Recife,Brazil A contributor to the DIPLO volume Language and Diplomacy. Author of Dignity.A Multidimensional View,published by Dignity Press,2013

Jovan Kurbalija January 29, 2014

Thank you Francisco for this additonal point. I will have a look at suggested materials.

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