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Google Desktop

Published on 24 February 2010
Updated on 03 May 2024

The amount of information that every diplomat stores in hard disks is growing fast. Therefore no matter how good you are in naming and organizing your files and your digital documents it will still be difficult to find the information you need.

Google Desktop is a tool that searches your computer as easily as you search the web with Google. Google desktop can search inside emails, files, chat and visited web pages.
After the first installation the programme will initiate an indexing of all the files on the PC. When Google Desktop is installed, you will find a small icon in your applications tray (bottom right of your screen). If you double click on the icon you will be presented with a box similar to the one used for a Google search on the Web.

In order to make Google Desktop more suitable to your needs it is possible to set your Preferences. To do so  first of all you should Right-click on the Google Desktop icon in your toolbar, make a search (any), then click on the Desktop Preferences link that should be to the right of the search bar of the result page you get .

Google Desktop (to be installed on your PC) can be downloaded for free at the site: https://desktop.google.com

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