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Diplo alumni complete 20 research papers

Published on 27 August 2011
Updated on 05 April 2024

Twenty research papers, written by alumni of the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme, have just been completed. The papers focus on various Internet governance issues, including child safety, social media, e-participation, data protection, electronic commerce, and e-health systems.

The authors started their research last year, after completing the Foundation and Advanced Phases of the Programme. They continued their research during the Research Implementation Phase (January-March 2011), during which they were guided by experts in the chosen area of research, and benefited from peer-to-peer discussions and reviews. The papers were finalised in the past few weeks.

A Book of Abstracts along with author biographies will be published and launched during the 6th Internet Governance Forum meeting in Nairobi. The full-text papers can be downloaded from the Research section, or by clicking here.

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