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Stephanie Borg ... January 14, 2017

Thank you Jovan for a great round-up of predictions, as part of the annual 'crystal ball' exercise. The backdrop is very useful, as developments do not happen in a vacuum. The 'unsettled weather' prediction is particularly significant, given the major impact of global politics on digital policy. Probably more than previous years, the two main developments in global politics - the new US Presidency, and Brexit/relations with the EU - could have a ripple effect worldwide. The developments in AI, IoT and big data present a more exciting outlook, so I'm looking particularly forward to the sunny spells!

Jovan Kurbalija January 17, 2017

Yes, this year - more than before - a borader policy context will impact digital policy.

Grace Githaiga (not verified) April 14, 2017

Thank you Jovan for this comprehensive write up which I have found so so interesting. That intersection between AI, IoT and Big data is something that promises to unfold in ways that might result in the way we we do things. Following... The issue of fake news and false news is something I had not thought about and the fact that they are two different concepts. This is also another trend to watch and if there will be need to provide policy direction.

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