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Allison Pytlak (not verified) March 09, 2017

Thank you for taking note of the writing that Dr. Valeriano and I have done on the subject of the UN GGE. We wish however to just clarify that our reference to the cyber attacks in Ukraine and the United States was intended to illustrate that cyber conflict is less violent than it is often portrayed. It was not meant as an example of GGE failure, although we are skeptical of that body's potential for impact.

Vladimir Radunovic March 28, 2017

Thank you Allison for the clarification. It should have actually been said that from your example one may judge if the GGE might not be able to put the agreements into practice - rather than implying that you suggested this. Anyhow, these and other cases of incidents have put pressure on discussing the implementation of the current GGE in the next years, along with (possible) new norms and CBMs, It seems possible that the GGE will manage to come up with the report this year as well, yet it remains to be seen what they will suggest as the follow-up - and whether any (voluntary) mechanisms for better enforcement will be set.

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