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Remote Participation in the ITU
By Editor on 13 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:

This is a recent interview with Anders Norsker, Chief, Information Services Department, International Telecommunication Union.

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Opening up - how the UN Development Programme is going digital
By Editor on 12 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:

"The growth in social media represents a shift in power from traditional top-down communication to the individual.

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Open Data, International Organisations and Governance
By petecranston on 10 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:

"Open Data is a simple concept. Organisations holding datasets should place them online, in machine-readable formats, and under licenses that let anyone re-use them. Advocates explain that this brings a myriad of benefits.

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No laptops after 7pm
By Mary on 8 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:

At a breakfast meeting in one of Budapest's older, more established restaurants during the week, I was surprised to see a notice on the table asking guests to refrain from using laptops in the restaurant after 7pm. No reason given.

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235 – Drunk-driving and diplomacy…
By Aldo Matteucci on 7 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:
Looking Sideways

The French police stopped the Swiss Ambassador to OECD, the other day, on suspicion of driving under the influence. Charges were placed against him.

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Webinar digest - E-participation in international discussions
By Editor on 7 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:
E-tools, Webinars

On the international level, online channels create new possibilities for overcoming barriers to participation, such as a lack of human and financial resources, or environmental constraints, which may affect both non-governmental actors and actors from diplomatic services.

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The best of e-participation is ...
By Ginger Paque on 5 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:

E-participation is a buzzword right now, on everybody's mind and agenda, it seems.

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The power of blogging
By Mary on 4 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:

My Facebook page was full of updates on Istanbul on Monday morning and to my shame I hadn't realised that anything untoward was going on over there.

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Are you e-polite?
By Jovan Kurbalija on 3 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:

This text on e-politeness is dedicated to those who have been waiting for me to reply to their e-mail for weeks, and to those who did not reply to my e-mails for weeks; to those on whose great blog posts I did not leave a comment (apologies to...

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Internet dependency
By Mary on 3 Jun 2013 | From the channel/s:

I finally got online this morning after many hours of connection problems during which I contemplated how reliant I have become on the Internet. My work depends on it. Forget snow days, where the weather is too awful for kids to get to school.