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While the delegate drones on… - 205
By Aldo Matteucci on 13 Jan 2013 | From the channel/s:
Looking Sideways

International meetings can be drudgery - we all know that. Most interventions are idle points for “home consumption”- or beside the point. Oversized egos show off his ignorance of the issues, or vent their prejudices. The rest is convention, mainstream, cliché. You know…

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An e-diplomacy moment in Mexico
By petecranston on 11 Jan 2013 | From the channel/s:

"Age is no guarantee of efficiency" and "Youth is no guarantee of innovation".

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...adrift on history’s perilous sea of necessities - 204
By Aldo Matteucci on 10 Jan 2013 | From the channel/s:
Looking Sideways

In my I mused that we are just beginning to understand the complexity of social realities and of history. Sounds clever, but what do I really mean?

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e-diplomacy in a lego world
By Readings on 10 Jan 2013 | From the channel/s:

The 'shift in power from governments to social actors' as Anne-Marie Slaughter, puts it, is very significant for e-diplomacy. This is partly because this opening up has changed both the context and roles of diplomats.

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Mamatay si Yamashita! - 203
By Aldo Matteucci on 4 Jan 2013 | From the channel/s:
Looking Sideways

(Yamashita will die)

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Study events - not linear time`- 202
By Aldo Matteucci on 2 Jan 2013 | From the channel/s:
Looking Sideways

Prof. Maureen O’HARA, Department of Economics, at Cornell University, recently blew my mind away (not that there was much of it, so it created no more than a small dust-devil).

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Webinar digest: Developments and outcomes of WCIT12
By Stephanie on 30 Dec 2012 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance, Webinars

The much anticipated World Conference on International Telecommunications, which took place earlier this month, ended without consensus.

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“One state one vote” in climate change negotiations
By Katharina Hone on 29 Dec 2012 | From the channel/s:
Climate Change

Let’s bring out the big questions: Should climate change negotiations be organised according to the “one state one vote” principle?

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Wisdom and Empathy in Diplomacy
By Jovan Kurbalija on 21 Dec 2012 | From the channel/s:

'We cannot afford to get wise slowly' was the answer from one junior diplomat to my question about how young diplomats, attending last week's Seminar on 'Excellence in Diplomacy'...

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'The Ambassador's New Car' and other lessons from Sina Weibo
By petecranston on 20 Dec 2012 | From the channel/s:

Innovation is often seen as something done by young people. The Canadian Embassy in Beijing's experiments with Wei-plomacy have been led by a seasoned Diplomat, Mark McDowell, whose long, distinguished career suggests he probably wouldn't qualify for a young-person's railcard!