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Anonymous (not verified) June 18, 2013

Jovan, a great explanation and a lot of food for thought. In the past, the manager used to dictate his letters to the secretary, who would type them and send them off. Nowadays, the manager has to respond to a hundred emails everyday. Our work environment has changed so much that most of us spend most of our time communicating through our laptop or mobile device. And the future holds more of the same. Where will all this lead to? e-impolitness for sure!!!

Anonymous (not verified) June 19, 2013

Thanks Jovan for this nice article on e-politeness.

Catherine (not verified) September 20, 2016

I enjoyed your examination of politeness. Your points resonate.

Jovan Kurbalija September 20, 2016

Thank you Catherine for (e)kindness. Can you add any other reason for no reply to this collection? Best regards, Jovan

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