Need for more innovative South African diplomacy

Opening of Annual Meeting of South African ambassadors
Opening of Annual Meeting of South African ambassadors
Photo by Yandisa Monakali

Diplomats need to be more innovative and find new ways of practicing their craft.

It was the underlying message of President Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa during the 2022 Heads of Missions conference ‘Positioning South Africa’s Diplomacy to Advance our Domestic Priorities.’ held on 7th April in Pretoria.

As a practical step towards more innovative diplomacy, President Ramaphosa said

‘We need to adapt to digital diplomacy and host targeted seminars to sell South Africa.’.

The Annual Conference of South African diplomacy scentered around three priority areas for innovative diplomacy:

1. To attract tourism, trade, and investment by using innovative tools and approaches.

2. To strengthen people-to-people relations towards cultivating tolerance, and cultural understanding. The main focus should be on youth development programmes.

3. To develop public diplomacy via the use of social media and other advanced tools and approaches.