Israeli embassy opens in Virtual environment

The Embassy of Israel in Korea opened a virtual pavilion in the metaverse on the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
The embassy is envisioned to set a new standard which would serve as a tool for public diplomacy to promote and advance Israel and the relationships between the concerned nations, said Akiva Tor, Israeli ambassador to Korea, and added, ‘I think the embassy metaverse will become the essential standard just as websites became the essential standard about 20 years ago and SNS channels are now’.

‘The Israel-Korea Metaverse is a truly unique platform for sharing a virtual reality immersive experience, the history of Israel–Korea relations, as well as for carrying out all kinds of interesting interactions between the Israelis and Koreans. Even though they are 8,000 kilometres apart, yet in the metaverse, they are right next to each other’, the Israeli ambassador to Korea said during a launching ceremony.

The Israeli ambassador hopes that people will visit the pavilion since the entire space is open for various virtual events and activities. The ambassador concluded that the embassy of Israel intends to provide ongoing updates to the metaverse pavilion.