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Cyberterrorism: What are we (not) talking about?

Irina Rizmal

In 2016, according to a Gallup poll, 73% of Americans cited cyberterrorism as a leading threat to vital US interests in the next 10 years. However, what does it really mean when we deduce that there is a threat of cyb...

Countering terrorist narratives online: A balancing act

Barbara Rosen Jacobson

Terrorists are using the Internet for a wide-range of purposes. On the operational side, terrorist organisations use ICTs for internal communication and fundraising, while on the public relations side, the Internet ha...

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Embassies as Command Posts in Anti-Terror Campaign

The use of embassies as command posts in the fight against terrorism is crucial for coordinating efforts and sharing intelligence across borders. Ambassadors play a key role in gathering and disseminating information to help prevent and counter terrorist attacks. This ... Read more...

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Post Cold War diplomatic training

Victor Shale's paper refers to a specific time period: the post-Cold War period which brought about new forms of conflicts, and high levels of terrorism. In the light of the change in traditional diplomacy, his paper examines multistakeholder diplomatic training and it... Read more...

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DC Confidential: The controversial memoirs of Britain’s ambassador to the U.S. at the time of 9/11 and the Iraq War

The publication of these memoirs in autumn 2005 caused a public furore in Britain so I shall not waste time giving any background on Sir Christopher Meyer. (Just punch his name into Google, which will enable you in the blink of an eye even to find out from the BBC webs... Read more...

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Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror

All memoirs are incomplete; instant ones even more so; and memoirs about security matters are the worst, in this respect. The book, however, manages to disappoint in an unusual way.... Read more...

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The Diplomatic Kidnappings: A Revolutionary Tactic of Urban Terrorism

The article discusses how diplomatic kidnappings have become a tactic of urban terrorism within revolutions, targeting diplomats to exert pressure on governments. Diplomats are seen as valuable assets by their home countries, making their abduction a powerful tool to a... Read more...