Roma diplomacy

Roma diplomacy refers to the usage of diplomatic techniques to raise awareness on topics concerning the Roma population.
Human rights organizations and activists together with the governments of the concerned countries have a key role in the realization of those objectives.
It is necessary to create a framework for dialogue, strengthening institutions and existing organizations, to promote the inclusion of the Roma populations and the promotion of their culture.   

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When is an ambassador not an ambassador?

Mary Murphy

Geza Jeszenszky, Hungary’s ambassador to Norway, has ticked off about 100 University teachers, students and researchers with text he used in a university text book which they think ‘stigmatises’ the Roma minorit...

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Roma Diplomacy

Roma Diplomacy is a collection of papers written or inspired through Diplo’s 2005/2006 Roma Diplomacy project. ... Read more...


The Role of Diplomacy in Achieving Representation and Participation for the Roma

In his dissertation Valeriu Nicolae takes the position that conventional diplomacy needs not only reform, but also the development of efficient approaches towards the prevention and negotiation of interstate/intrastate ethnic conflict. He proposes that a European Roma ... Read more...

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Roma rights activists and the political establishment: Communication problems and barriers

Open communication and interaction between political elites and civic society is considered one of the fundamental conditions of a representative, working democracy. Theoretically, this communication ensures that individuals are treated equally, regardless of their rac... Read more...

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