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Stefanie Frey

Managing Director at Deutor Cyber Security Solutions Switzerland GmbH

Dr Stefanie Frey, Managing Director at Deutor Cyber Security Solutions Switzerland GmbH, is specialised in developing strategies and solutions against criminal acts in the digital space for states, international organisations, and companies in close cooperation with law enforcement and other relevant bodies. She worked several years for the Swiss government as coordinator for the implementation of the National Cyber Strategy of Switzerland. She made contributions to ENISA’s Cyber Security Working Group and the OECD Working Party on Security and Privacy in the Digital Economy (SPDE), and has influenced the outcome of the Digital Security Risk Recommendation. She is actively engaged in shaping the regional and global cybersecurity agenda with international and regional organisations. Dr. Frey holds a PhD from the Department of War Studies from King`s College London and a MBA from the International School of Management (ISM) in Dortmund and has several publication on cyber security, the Cold War and World War II.