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Rafik Dammak

Rafik Dammak, from Tunisia, is a computer engineer currently working on cloud computing in Japan, after postgraduate studies at the University of Tokyo. He has been involved in civil society Internet Governance issues since 2007, attending several Internet Governance Forums and other Internet-related conferences as speaker or workshop organiser. He is currently a member of the steering committee for the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles and a member of the Freedom Online Coalition Internet Free and Secure Working Group. He has been involved in the ICANN community as a Non-commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) individual user member, as former chair and former GNSO Councillor for the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group, in addition to participation on several ICANN policy working groups,  and the new gTLD applicant support and cross-community working group on Internet Governance, where he was co-chair and facilitator. He was elected chair of the NCUC in December 2015, and continues to serve in that capacity.