Mina Mudrić
Publications Manager

Ms Mina Mudrić joined Diplo in 2003 and is based in Belgrade where she supervises the work of in-house and external graphic designers, illustrators, and printers. Mina oversees all aspects of design and production, often working on multiple simultaneous publications, coordinating busy schedules and printing deadlines. In addition to her role as Publications Manager, Mina also manages the International Forum on Diplomatic Studies website.


Key skills for the next generation of diplomats

12 October 2016

Our October WebDebate focused on the key skills that the next generation of diplomats needs in order to succeed in a changing world. While there seems to be a core and timeless skill-set for diplomats, an increas...

The art and science of negotiation training

14 September 2016

Can negotiation skills be taught? Some argue that they cannot; they are only acquired through practice. But while it is true that any skill is honed through deliberative practice, Prof. Raymond Saner, teacher of inter...

[WebDebate #4 summary] Can diplomacy be learned on-the-job only?

11 July 2016

Our July WebDebate focused on the question whether diplomacy could be learned through on the job training alone, and the dynamics between traditional training for diplomats and workplace learning. Our speakers, Dr ...

Diplomatic training: combining tradition and innovation

05 May 2016

Diplomatic training has been transformed by technology: diplomats now have access to vast amounts of information and resources, and diplomatic training can be conducted online. Other aspects, such as new approaches in...