Massimiliano Fusari

Professor, Consultant and Trainer in Digital Marketing, Strategy & Visual Storytelling

Dr Massimiliano Fusari focuses on assessing, producing, planning, and enhancing sensible and effective strategic campaigns upon the pillars of digital marketing and visual storytelling. 

Since September 2021, he has been a full professor at the H-Farm College in Italy. Massimiliano established his academic delivery upon two university doctorates (Venice, Italy; and Exeter, UK), and has been involved in professional training and global consulting for over 20 years, from Morocco to China. He has worked for a wide array of international institutions and partners: from UN agencies to national governments, and from private enterprises to third sector players. 

In 2016, he founded The Visual Storytelling Academy, a consultancy lab for the research and production of visual storytelling. The academy hosts his latest integrated campaign on interactive storytelling about tentmakers from Cairo. 

As an associate professor at the University of Westminster (UK), he was awarded a grant in 2018 to produce the mobile app The Meta-Image for delivering competencies in visual communication by integrating theory and practice. 

His latest publication is on the Kony 2012 global campaign (2021). His monograph for Intellect (UK) will come out in 2023 under the title Aesthetics as Storytelling.

He is currently committed to finally learning to play the bass guitar.