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[WebDebate] Visual digital diplomacy: Opportunities for diplomatic practice

01 October 2019 -


Event description

The Internet is reshaping information gathering and communication sharing in diplomatic practice. In the past, there was an overall tendency to focus on the verbal aspects of diplomatic communication. Nowadays, the Internet and social media are increasingly informed by visual forms of communication, including photo opportunities, Instagram stories, and memes.  For diplomats to understand what images suggest, evoke, and communicate is crucial to enhance their external communication effectiveness. As such, diplomats should learn how to become more adept in using visual language for their work, especially when it comes to cultural communication and public diplomacy issues. 

In short, our October WebDebate explores the often misunderstood, and regularly overlooked, visual quality of communication as specifically applied to the field of diplomacy.  By doing so, it aims to draw valuable lessons and advice for today’s diplomats. Our debate will bring together an expert in visual communication – who will make key points using recent examples of successes and failures of visual communication in diplomatic practice – with a seasoned diplomat who will bring his long-term perspective and relate the discussion to the needs of modern ministries of foreign affairs.

Join us online on 1 October at 11:00 UTC / 13:00 CEST. Register to attend this event.

Our speakers:

[WebDebate] Visual digital diplomacy: Opportunities for diplomatic practiceAmbassador Stefano Baldi is a career diplomat in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Since 2016, he has been the Ambassador of Italy to Bulgaria. Previously, he was the director of the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy (2011-2016).  He has served at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the European Union in Brussels. Read more about him.

[WebDebate] Visual digital diplomacy: Opportunities for diplomatic practiceDr Massimiliano Fusari is an is an internationally recognised academic scholar and results-driven consultant in the analysis and production of visual communication and multimedia storytelling. Through his online lab, The Visual Storytelling Academy, Massimiliano translates more than 25 years of established education and professional experience into a sensible framework for the strategic communication of social topics and international affairs.  As an associate professor at the University of Westminster (UK), he lectures on the analysis and production of visual literacy, digital creativity, and interactive storytelling. Read more about him.

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