Dejan Dinčić
Digital Transformation and Online Learning Specialist

Mr Dejan Dinčić is a digital transformation and online learning specialist based in Geneva. Formerly the technical director of DiploFoundation, he now teaches and provides strategic advice for Diplo. Since 2016 he has also worked as a consultant for international organisations, development NGOs, and UN agencies. He is a sought-after trainer and facilitator who brings topic knowledge, technical expertise, and effective training methodologies to events and workshops.

With a professional and academic background in online and remote distance education, and information technologies, Dejan has more than 20 years of experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, and in academia. His major research interests include digital transformation and knowledge management.


Video in E-diplomacy

02 March 2010

Video-conferencing was a big hype in the 1990s when it was promoted as a way to replace traditional meetings. As with much hype, it was followed by a "disillusionment" phase. People simply preferred traditi...