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[Webinar] Whom do I contact if I want to raise my IG concern?

06 October 2014 -


Event description

As part of the build-up to the Geneva Internet Conference, we are opening the discussion on key conference themes and asking for input from users and communities around the globe, thus raising awareness, stimulating debates, and localising the discussions. While the first theme tackled how to overcome policy silos, the second theme asks: Whom do I contact if I want to raise my IG concern?

[Update] The webinar digest and recording are now available here.
[Update] Join the ongoing discussion here: What other properties/functions should a one-stop shop (or clearing house) have? What are the particular needs of your organisation/institution? Which of the above models should it follow?

This second theme will be introduced in an hour-long webinar with open participation, on 6 October.

IG is a highly complex policy space with hundreds of actors addressing more than 50 different policy  issues in a wide range of forums. Few actors, if any, have a full grasp of the full complexity of  IG. This challenge has triggered many small and developing countries to request a one-stop shop for voicing their concerns. The design of this ‘one-stop shop’ is key: should it be a new International Internet Organisation, a global multistakeholder IG clearing house, or a distributed governance system, or…?

Participants are encouraged to distribute information (via existing mailing lists, etc.), engage in substantive debates bringing all the interested parties to the table, and provide a summary of what has happened at national level around each theme. The outcomes of the discussions will feed into the conference.

Join us for the webinar on the second theme, on Monday, 6th October, at 13:00 CET (11:00 GMT). To register, please fill in the registration form.

Read more about the webinar on the first theme here, and the webinar on the third theme here.