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[Webinar] NETmundial: On the path to Brazil

28 March 2014 -


Event description

The Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance (NETmundial) is taking place in less than a month’s time. At what stage are the preparations, and what are the updates from Latin America? Join us on Friday at 14h UTC/GMT for our March webinar…

[Update] The webinar recording and digest are available here.

All eyes are set on the NETmundial meeting, which is taking place in São Paulo, Brazil on 23-24 April. The meeting follows an initiative proposed by and /1net. Many preparations – including meetings of NETmundial’s four committees – are taking place right now, with the global IG community following closely.

In our March webinar, Raúl Echeberría, executive director of LACNIC and co-chair of NETmundial’s Executive Multistakeholder Committee, and Rodrigo de la Parra, ICANN vice-president, Stakeholder Engagement, Latin America and the Caribbean, will update us with developments in Latin America in the preparation for NETmundial.

The webinar, on Friday 28th March at 14h UTC/GMT, will address the following, among other aspects:

  • What can we expect from NETmundial in terms of a tangible outcome?
  • With various IG bodies engaged in the process, how can the IG community participate in the run-up to the meeting and during the meeting itself?
  • Based on the contributions received, what are the top three items on NETmundial’s agenda?
  • What type of ‘Latin American’ flavour can we expect at NETmundial (issues, priorities and actors)?

Join us on Friday, 28th March at 14h UTC /GMT. Webinar participants will be able to discuss the topic with our speakers. Attendance is free; registration is required.

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