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[Webinar] Moving to the cloud: issues and concerns

27 November 2012 -


Event description

We're going mobile, moving from desktops to tablets. In the process, we're relying even more on cloud services.

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By moving to the cloud, we are entrusting our data to third parties. Do we stop and think about the security issues, such as, whether the service provider is taking sufficient security measures to protect our data?

Cloud services also attract a host of legal issues. Data placed on remote servers in other countries can be subject to the laws of those countries. Which authorities can gain lawful access to such data? Is there a need for a set of norms, applied on an international level, related to transparency, data sovereignty and access to such data?

Our November Internet governance webinar, hosted by Katitza Rodriguez, International Rights Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will discuss these and other pressing cloud computing issues.

Join us on Tuesday 27th November at 14:00 GMT. Participants will be able to discuss topic-related questions with our expert.

Attendance is free; registration is required.

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